Never give up!

Never give up!

It’s not an option. Patience and perseverance pay off well.


That’s that foolishness!

So I was watching this video clip which a friend shared on Facebook and it was from the Divorce Court show. The wife wanted to divorce the husband because he was too nice, he cooks and takes great care of her and he tells her he loves her every now and then.

Now, before I say anything else, allow me to note that she had three kids that are not the husband’s and only one with the guy. She had a career which the husband was never aware of, got up and left and never told him where she went and dared made fun of him because he has problems in his eyes. If this is not stupidity, then again, I am not sure what stupidity is. One shall never be that foolish!

You found a guy, I repeat, a guy who cares about you enough to want to be with you, marry you regardless of how many kids you have and you turn around, this is what you do. I love how most of us women always complain about how we cannot find a good man who can respect, honor, love and cherish us like we should. But is this man not the perfect example of why you cannot find them?

I always tell my friends, if you want a man, you have to know how to be a lady or a woman. If you find a man who is patient with you, you need to get it together and quick. This selfish girl found a good man and she is so used to the jerks and guys treating her like garbage that she cannot see when she has a good thing. She is so selfish and ugly. I mean, she can look as good as she can, but beauty truly comes from within. You have to love yourself, respect yourself and others, treat others like they deserved to be treated to be beautiful.

This is also a perfect example of people rushing into things just to make others see what they have. Well, she had everything and now, nothing. She is just not ready to be married, or in a relationship at all. She needs to take a break, work on herself and I tell you she need a lot of work before she can start dating again. Wait, dating should be pretty hard for a woman with three kids and God knows how many baby daddies. As I was watching this clip, I wanted to get in there and shake the foolishness out of her because when you have found something so good, that so many others crave for, you need to get it together.

She had absolutely no respect for the guy , yet he had done everything right. What the hell is wrong with some people? You do not treat people any way you feel like. Respect is very important and like I always say, you get what you give.

This might help understand why so many guys are afraid of commitment, marriage, relationship and just women. Some of you really don’t deserve it and some of you just do not know hat you want. I hope this guy does not let that ugly, selfish, foolish and stupid girl change his whole persona and attitude towards women because some of us know how to appreciate and cherish a good man.  Respect others and treat people right, one can only take so much. Everyone has a breaking point and when it’s over, it is over. Think before you say or do anything and stop being so stupid!


Hey there folks,

I have been slacking, I know. I have not blogged for a couple of days now. I had to get ready for finals and thank God, I am finally done with that for now. This means new post will be out muy pronto.  I have been asked a few questions for the last few days and I will be answering some of them shortly.

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When is it okay and who should get a divorce?

It is never an easy feeling or procedure which is why I always tell people, don’t ever rush into anything. While it is fun and beautiful to get married, being married comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is very different from when you are just dating someone. It is actually a very serious business. If you are not ready, just stay away from it.

So when does it make sense to get a divorce?

Many Christians believe that divorce is a sin. I agree that you have officially agreed to “till death do us part”, but you don’t want to cause your death. God is a great God, he helps, forgives, and loves. So, while you believe that divorce is a sin, also believe that love and forgiveness are also very real. Always learn to love yourself because until you do, you won’t know what love really is. You won’t be able to love others or know when someone truly loves you.  Now, back to when a divorce makes sense, it makes sense when it is one of these two options: divorce or murder. So many stories have ended this way, where the person so desperately wanted to stay in the marriage hoping that everything will change because they know divorce is a sin and how will society see them, instead of leaving when they can no longer stay, they kill. Now, when they said “till death do us part”, I am most positive it is not that kind of death they were talking about. So, when your only options are divorce or murder, make the one which does not ruin your life. Your significant other is constantly cheating, mistreating you, physically, emotionally, verbally abusing you, don’t force it, don’t kill, just let it go. Do what is best for you. Believe living the rest of your life with the burden of killing someone is so not worth it, jail is necessary. Do what is best. Love yourself and think about yourself, your family and friends. Never stop loving yourself, if someone is abusing you or you just don’t feel safe in a marriage, it is okay to let go and get a divorce if nothing else works. Don’t sit around, hoping things will change when you are just really putting yourself at greater risks. Just care about yourself a little and remember God sees everything and he forgives. If it is not working, it is just not working and remember you deserve a lot better and the right to be happy. So please, love and care for yourself because that person clearly does not love or care for you as much as you thought.  Go ahead and live the life God created for you, don’t sentence yourself to death just because.  Enjoy life and don’t ever allow anyone to take that away from you! You deserve the best, always, so have it!

Opposite Sex Friends!

I recently had this discussion with a group of people and you would not believe what some had to say. While most agree that it is, in fact, not a problem if their partner has a friend from the opposite sex. There was this one guy who stood out with the declaration that it is unacceptable for his partner to have any male friends.  His explanation was that he wanted to avoid the possibility of anything inappropriate happening, so he figured if he was to keep his partner away from the temptations, then, that would help.

I am not sure how that makes any sense but I try to understand where he is coming from. Yet, still does not make any sense. This is the 21st century and that is just wrong. You have to trust your partner or just give him or her the benefit of a doubt. You should never box anyone up and isolate them from the world. It is not fair on all levels. We need to be around others to survive and others include both same and opposite sex. It helps you grow as a person and another important thing is that while you may not actually experience something to learn from it, you might experience through your friends. Also, it is great to have people to ask for advice or just talk to, that way, you’ll understand people better and surprisingly, it may even help you understand your significant other.

While I can understand his concerns, I definitely do not appreciate his taking us back to the 20’s. You have to respect your partner enough to give them their own space and the opportunity to make up their own minds and own decisions. If you don’t allow that person that right, then the person will lose themselves and the moment they finally get the chance to experience, you just might lose that person for real. Trust is a very important factor in a relationship, so learn to trust and respect each other. It is okay to be concerned, but that is the point of communication. And if you don’t feel entirely ready to be in a relationship, don’t fight it, just wait and it will come to you eventually. Be mindful and respect each other in every way possible.

How Well Do You Know People?

Something very tricky… I always tell people, you never know anybody. I have had this problem with so many people where they swear they know somebody so well that they take it upon themselves to defend that person. How naive!

I accept fully that I don’t know anybody well enough to be able to defend them, guess why I am not a lawyer? I believe people are capable of everything and nothing, it’s all a matter of choice and circumstances.  No, I am not saying that people are evil or angel, but there is a little thing called choice.

Choice is also that same thing that makes you not fully knowledgeable of people. they choose to show you what they want you to see and know about them. Sometimes, it can be true or it can also be a lie. I just watched a movie and it was about a student accused of killing her roommate. The teacher stepped in because she was such a great student that the idea of her doing something so evil was just unbelievable. The teacher could have sworn she was innocent. First, I asked, what business does the teacher have doing investigations about a student? Really? It’s just a student, who spends what? 2 hours a week or per class is far from enough to know someone that well.  The teacher even had someone else arrested, just because.

In the end, she found out that not only was the student not that great as she made it look, but she was also a murderer. I know I am literally describing a movie here, but the lesson in this is just that you can never know people well enough. Sometimes, what you see is not so much what you get. People know how to fool others and when you show them how naive and trusting you can be, some might take advantage of that.  You can’t even think you know those you even live with. You should trust but only enough. Too much of anything is never good.

Please be careful and I am not saying you shouldn’t open up to others and have friends, but just be careful and stay vigilant at all times!!!