Healthy Living Tips

Healthy Living Tips

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Priority Check!!!

Some people really do need a nice priority/reality check. So, yes the Heat won and as usual, there is always a parade. However, is that parade more important than your job or your school? That, I doubt. It is so crazy how people can’t seem to understand that it is just a game and a business must I add. It’s over and there is nothing wrong about celebrating and having a good time, but there is an appropriate time for that. Don’t call off work for a parade or whatever. What do you gain from it? Hmmmm, Nada.. That’s what I thought. People are not showing up work or just come late, tired as hell because of nothing really.

Hey, I am glad the Heat won, but they already have whatever it is that they have going for them, I got to work on mine. So, he, I do what I have to do when I have to do it. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you are free and have no prior or important engagements, you should definitely be there, have a good time. But, in the case of many, if you do have important things to attend to, it is foolish to call off work or just skip school to be there.  Good time and fun will always be there and remember, you have to worry about your future and your own life and career as it is. It’s rough out there and we cannot afford to waste any more time.

Healthier Living

imagesSo, I’m thinking about starting to live healthier now as it relates to food and my diet. I want to start eating healthier. I don’t eat much junk food but I tend to go very long with no food which is not very healthy. Also, I am starting to choose a healthier diet. In one of my classes, the teacher asked, what do I think about America’s overweight issue? Well, I have not noticed it much until then. So many are careless about what they eat and sometimes they just don’t know or cannot afford to care. Sometimes, I have people coming to me and complaining about their weight and all I can really say is if you are not happy with how you look or feel, only you can change it. Also, if you feel comfortable in your own skin, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and just live your life. Still, try to live healthy so you can fully enjoy life.