Humanity lives on

It feels great to know that there are a few good, nice and humane people left. I know he was worried about his job, but driving all the way to my job to bring me that package really did for me. I mean regardless of why he did it, the fact that he did it with no complain at all, a smile on his face make me respect him that much more. It just feels great and makes one proud of humankind.


Time to Yourself

Ever wondered why most of the relationships you’ve been involved in never worked?
Then, don’t be to quick to judge your partners or everyone else. It may simply be that you need some time off so you can focus and work on yourself a bit. Sometimes, we are our own problems. If you are not ready, then, it won’t ever work.
It is not such a bad idea to take time for yourself and figure a few things out before you fully indulge into something so serious as relationship.
What I realize is that most of us don’t know how to be by ourselves, therefore, we are always looking for someone to validate us. Sadly, that is not the answer and we all must learn how to be single, alone because it can never hurt. Quite frankly, it helps you discover and understand yourself better. Instead of everybody else telling you who you are, wouldn’t you rather know who you are a little better?
Well, when you dedicate a little time to yourself and try not to lose yourself into someone else so quickly or when you are not ready, you can help yourself. You can discover new talents you did not think you have, new interests and better yet, you can understand the world better and change a few things you don’t like about yourself.
So, just allow yourself that time and maybe you can see a difference. Nobody can take what is yours away from you. Plus, instead of you ruining your chances with the right person, wouldn’t you rather take the time to really figure things out, that way, you know how to approach certain situations.