When did Spanish become Miami’s official language?

Nowadays, you can’t even get a job if you are not from a full-blown Spanish-speaking country. I do understand, there are a lot of Spanish speakers out here. Honestly, not all jobs in every area in Miami need all Spanish speakers. The funny thing is they specifically ask, “do you speak Spanish or are you fluent?” They really blocked you there, there is absolutely no way to work around that. You either tell the truth or you lie- which won’t help you. I know a bit of Spanish, but this question totally threw me off and when I replied, I do speak some Spanish, the man made sure, he specified, “but are you fluent?” I really could not have lied to the man because it really isn’t in my best interest anyway, but I was looking forward to that job. Then, the man said, I’m sorry, unfortunately we need someone who is fluent.

Now, that is understandable if it is just one or a couple of jobs/places. However, that’s not the case, every single job in Miami (all around Miami) requires your fluency in Spanish. I just need someone to tell me when Spanish became an official language and such a requirement for all and every position. I have battled with English, now that I can actually claim my fluency in English, I am finding out, I need to go back that road for Spanish or else. I don’t know what it is, but it hurts though because I can’t afford to move anywhere right now. Plus, I need a job to at least be able to move elsewhere or take Spanish classes, but that seems to be impossible.

So, what exactly are people like me to do because I just don’t know.


Farewell Dear October

    Some of the main events going on in October. I know this is long overdue, but better late than never!  Take the time to get informed and reflect. Image

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We’ll see you again next year!


Is it a big deal to compliment a guy?

So, I’m walking with my friend and she saw this guy and she tapped me saying how good-looking this guy is. Since I did not see the guy, I turned around and he was not bad-looking.

Now, being the super crazy (out of this world) person that I am (I have been told), I went ahead and approached the guy. I told him exactly what it was -which is that we both felt that he was  good-looking and I walked away. As we were walking away, he turned around and say that we can’t say something like that and walk away. Honestly, I don’t want to date the guy, I just though he was handsome and I felt that he should be aware of his handsomeness.

See, my friend is worried that the guy may think we want him or we are “thirsty” as she put it. I may be living in a totally different world, but I honestly believe that complimenting anyone -may it be a woman or a man cannot declare one’s thirst or interest. I don’t know how is it that women love to get compliments but are afraid to reciprocate. I am one of these women who would walk to a guy I have absolutely no interest in, complete stranger and compliment them. I truly believe that it can, in fact, turn someone’s day around. I also noticed that not many of us are open to positivity. For instance, in the case we have to call a man “a jerk”, we are very eager and quick to proceed, but when it’s anything positive, it’s a whole different story.

I am not sure how men really see it, but I must assume that one must be extremely “disoriented and insecure” to think we want them just because of a simple compliment. I can tell the difference between a simple, innocent compliment and a flirty one. I may be wrong to assume that most people can also tell. I see no reason why I can’t tell a man he looks great, just like I believe some guys compliment me just because. It is totally okay and as long as it is true, I am not lying to the person, I will remind him of his good looks or awesome personality, nice smile… you name it. I don’t see the big deal, but we all see things differently. If the man looks good, you let him know he does!


New Post Coming Soon!!

Hello there folks,

New post is on its way. I have compiled a number of interesting questions and subjects to share with you guys. There has been quite a lot going on and I have been somewhat detached from my blogging life, but this shall change soon enough.

Have a blessed and blissful day!

Aren’t we all Jealous?

Someone asked me if “I am jealous“?  Quite frankly, I am never sure how to respond to this question. I have always believed that everyone is jealous.

Now, hypothetically, let’s assume that you have someone you really care about. Wouldn’t you be jealous of other people trying to get close or too close to that someone? It’s totally normal and natural to be a little jealous here and there. Keep in mind that jealousy and stupidity are two totally different things.  Now, you can be jealous but still control your emotions. Some of us don’t know how to do that and act stupid-totally different story.

So, to answer this question, I must say, of course, I am jealous. However, I am not one to act stupid just because. I don’t usually feel threatened enough to make a fool of myself over a guy. I truly believe in fate, so, if things are to work out between myself and a guy, it will happen regardless of the next girl. I can’t afford to be so insecure and foolish. I can be dying inside and nobody notices. I have learned how to control my emotions and believe I have mastered them quite well. Never let your emotions get the best of you, it really isn’t a good look. Sometimes, it’s best to take a minute, relax and you can even let the person know how you feel in a very respectful way.

Another great aspect to look at is what should make one jealous. Depending on your partner, what may be a big deal for some may not be for you.  For instance, I know myself and the kind of guy I would probably date, so, what others may see as threatening may not be for me.  I won’t make a big deal if my partner is talking to another girl or is nice to another girl. Not to say that, there is not a limit to everything. Depending on the situation and circumstances, things may change.  We need to know who we are dealing with, so that we can have healthier relationships. If you know your partner enough, you should know what to worry about.

Remember, regardless of anything, never let your emotions get the best of you! Never make a fool of yourself! It’s okay to be jealous, we all are but avoid being irrational, stupid and insecure.