Is it a big deal to compliment a guy?

So, I’m walking with my friend and she saw this guy and she tapped me saying how good-looking this guy is. Since I did not see the guy, I turned around and he was not bad-looking.

Now, being the super crazy (out of this world) person that I am (I have been told), I went ahead and approached the guy. I told him exactly what it was -which is that we both felt that he was  good-looking and I walked away. As we were walking away, he turned around and say that we can’t say something like that and walk away. Honestly, I don’t want to date the guy, I just though he was handsome and I felt that he should be aware of his handsomeness.

See, my friend is worried that the guy may think we want him or we are “thirsty” as she put it. I may be living in a totally different world, but I honestly believe that complimenting anyone -may it be a woman or a man cannot declare one’s thirst or interest. I don’t know how is it that women love to get compliments but are afraid to reciprocate. I am one of these women who would walk to a guy I have absolutely no interest in, complete stranger and compliment them. I truly believe that it can, in fact, turn someone’s day around. I also noticed that not many of us are open to positivity. For instance, in the case we have to call a man “a jerk”, we are very eager and quick to proceed, but when it’s anything positive, it’s a whole different story.

I am not sure how men really see it, but I must assume that one must be extremely “disoriented and insecure” to think we want them just because of a simple compliment. I can tell the difference between a simple, innocent compliment and a flirty one. I may be wrong to assume that most people can also tell. I see no reason why I can’t tell a man he looks great, just like I believe some guys compliment me just because. It is totally okay and as long as it is true, I am not lying to the person, I will remind him of his good looks or awesome personality, nice smile… you name it. I don’t see the big deal, but we all see things differently. If the man looks good, you let him know he does!



2 thoughts on “Is it a big deal to compliment a guy?

  1. I agree completely! Yesterday at the auction the guy who works for FIU was checking to see if everything was in order for the night. On his way out he stopped by the table and spoke to Rodlyne on how to use the phone in case we needed anything. When he was done talking to her I told him he’s very handsome. He smiled his great big smile and said thank you. Nothing to it, just a compliment.
    Then one of the guys in the auction, in the pink shirt, also received a compliment from me. Told him he looked nice. There’s really nothing to it.


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