When did Spanish become Miami’s official language?

Nowadays, you can’t even get a job if you are not from a full-blown Spanish-speaking country. I do understand, there are a lot of Spanish speakers out here. Honestly, not all jobs in every area in Miami need all Spanish speakers. The funny thing is they specifically ask, “do you speak Spanish or are you fluent?” They really blocked you there, there is absolutely no way to work around that. You either tell the truth or you lie- which won’t help you. I know a bit of Spanish, but this question totally threw me off and when I replied, I do speak some Spanish, the man made sure, he specified, “but are you fluent?” I really could not have lied to the man because it really isn’t in my best interest anyway, but I was looking forward to that job. Then, the man said, I’m sorry, unfortunately we need someone who is fluent.

Now, that is understandable if it is just one or a couple of jobs/places. However, that’s not the case, every single job in Miami (all around Miami) requires your fluency in Spanish. I just need someone to tell me when Spanish became an official language and such a requirement for all and every position. I have battled with English, now that I can actually claim my fluency in English, I am finding out, I need to go back that road for Spanish or else. I don’t know what it is, but it hurts though because I can’t afford to move anywhere right now. Plus, I need a job to at least be able to move elsewhere or take Spanish classes, but that seems to be impossible.

So, what exactly are people like me to do because I just don’t know.


2 thoughts on “When did Spanish become Miami’s official language?

  1. I find it highly annoying whenever I’m applying to a position and it says fluent in Spanish under the requirements. There have been plenty of work opportunities I was passed up for because of that, and that alone. We live in Miami where yes it is greatly influenced with folks from Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, etc. What about those who from Haiti? Those who are fluent in French and Creole as myself? Where are our job openings? It makes you wonder who’s fault is it that the opportunity isn’t available. Are we not creating work places that can benefit from a language other than Spanish? Last but definitely not last, what can we do as young Haitians to change that around?


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