Does He Like You?

Someone asked: “How do you know if and when a guy likes you?”
To be honest, I have no clue. I heard there are signs/hints which you could catch to find out whether anyone (guy or girl) likes you. Unfortunately, I am unable to catch any of these so called signs or hints.
Personally, a guy does not like you until he tells you so. If he does, he will. Don’t stress yourself trying to read signs. Sometimes, these signs may have different meanings, but since you are focusing on them so much as to find out someone’s true feelings for you, you can misread them. A person will do/say things only because he/she is polite and have respect for others.
I am not dismissing the fact that some signs may actually show how someone feels about you. However, the only way to be sure is if and when they tell you. You can take your chances, but to answer this question again, you would know if a guy likes you when he tells you. What he likes you for or in other words, what he wants from you is a whole different story.


First Date Kiss

Okay, this is one of my favorite subjects. I have been asked to answer this question, “is it okay to kiss on a first date?

I don’t know where to begin with this. Well, I’ll go with it depends. I think if you really care about someone, it shouldn’t matter. It’s all about chemistry, if it’s right and strong, it will happen naturally. On the other hand, if you try to force, then it’s wrong.

As women, we think too much about certain things. I don’t think kissing a guy on a first date should make him like/love you less than he probably did before. If that’s the case, then I’m afraid there was no genuine like/love in the first place. I can see why a guy may be a bit skeptical if you sleep with him on a first date, but that’s another topic. However, I don’t think it’s a bad thing if it happens naturally. We must not overthink because we can’t control how we feel at a moment. If you have to think about it, then maybe you shouldn’t do it. Otherwise, just live life and let God works his miracles.

November is IN!!!

The Countdown has officially begun! You’re either a November baby or you’re just a loser (joking).

This has to be the best month of the year besides, well, November (laugh). I am really enjoying it and I want to send a special shout out to all my November babies (Scorpio and Sagittarius). Everybody knows Scorpio is the best sign, but we won’t get too much into that right now.

Anyway, I want to say hello to November and wish Happy Birthday to all my November babies, wherever you are. Let us enjoy and have the time of our lives once again and remember to thank God for another year!



“Attention Deficit Disorder”

Do some of you women have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)?

It is not what most of us know and from my conversation with a friend last night, I realize that many young women do, in fact, suffer from ADD. As I told my friend, all women want and love attention, some just want it much more than others and are so desperate for it.

Before I go any further into this discussion, let me define ADD for some of you. Unlike what you might know or think it is, this particular ADD is when people do things or live for attention, it may be from a particular person or a group of people. In other words, people with this ADD are called “Desperate Attention Seekers“. Believe me, there are people who will do just about anything to get attention. Sometimes, it may not even be the right kind of attention.

For the sake of this discussion, I’ll focus more on the young women out there. What would you guys do for attention and why is attention so indispensable for you? Can you really crave attention so much that everyone can tell how badly you want it? I mean seriously ladies. It’s okay, I want attention and I believe every single woman can testify that at one point, they all want attention. However, you cannot let yourself, your dignity, your self-respect go just because of attention. Especially when it comes to men, you cannot jeopardize too much for attention because, as I always say and believe, you will not have to fight or stress over the right attention. The person  from whom you deserve attention, will give it to you, no questions asked.  Learn to focus on what is necessary instead. Don’t make it so obvious that you look desperate and believe me, it’s not attractive. So, let the attention finds you because if you carry yourself the way you should and according to the attention you need, it will find you without any sweat.

So, stop looking so desperate and hungry for something so nonsensical and quite unnecessary.