Beautiful Day!!

Although intense and quite unusual, I am having the best experience I can possibly have for now. I love meeting new, strong-minded, responsible and passionate people. Best experience yet and with God, I am promised many more, so I am super, overly excited for the future. Finally doing what I want to do, following my dreams and be brave. Great day and as days go by, I’ll share my beautiful experiences. Just remember, we don’t have enough time to waste, so we should start living now!


VMAs or Mini-Concert???

First off let me say that I am not denying her talents or good look or whatever she is said to have going on, but, just being realistic here.
She literally performed for a good 15-30 minutes off the show and everyone is talking about how she killed it and everyone else should learn from her. Well, don’t crack me up. It’s an award show and while performances here and there are great, a mini-concert is not so great and as far as performance, while I don’t necessarily like some people’s work, but, I’ll say there were dome great other performances (i.e. Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, just to name a few). Beyonce had more time for her shenanigans or scream for attention (as I call it-just my opinion here).
Yes, she is talented and there is no denying that, but that was just too much. Then, what really irks me is how people are claiming she inspires them or she’s their role model. Well, I’m sorry but allow me to : “She inspires you to what exactly?” “Role model?” Sure, she is supposedly married and did not have a child until after her marriage and had a career I guess, but what does she inspire? To walk around naked and claim to be a diva or all extra, deserving of bow downs from others. Not to hate or anything, but seriously, this lady is all about herself and how naked she should be the next day, she is not doing anything to inspire anyone, especially our young girls. We need better examples and role models and once we start looking at people like her as our inspiration and role models, we are in deep trouble. So, let us re-focus and revisit our priorities and standards there. Yes, she is lovely to watch and listen to, she is a great looking woman, she looks confident, not necessarily acts like it and yes she is a great performer.

Such a Lost!

Yeah, I know I am late but I can’t let this pass without remembering this great, extremely funny and talented man that we recently lost- Mr. Robin Williams. He was such a great character and he made all of us laugh and we cannot deny we love him. His talents and great personality, as we have seen on TV for the most of us (didn’t personally know him), will always be with us. He will always be remembered. So, let us remember this great man and celebrate his greatest accomplishments.

Robin Williams

May he Rest In Peace!!!

Simply Outrageous-Unbelievable!!!

So, listen to this…
     I just tried to apply for a quick loan and I was so overwhelmed by the results. Blown-away by the craziness I saw, I just kept asking myself, “exactly why do these lenders think people get these short term loans?” I mean seriously, if I had about $1,000, I definitely would not be asking to borrow $300. Come on now, let us be reasonable here, what is the logic behind this outrageous idea. How does $300 become $1,000 in a period of 1-3 months?
    Then, there was this one for $500 for which repayment would total to the amount of $2,650. Now, excuse me, what now? You must really think we are just trying to borrow money because we are greedy not because we need it. These interests are just borderline outrageous and crazy. Let us remember why people apply for these loans in the first place. While I do, in fact, understand that interests must be added to the loan and that makes perfect sense, however, the interests must be reasonable. If you don’t want to lend the money in the first place, just let people know that, don’t fool around with them. It makes a lot more sense to me to let people know you cannot help them at this time instead of masking behind an incredibly out of this world interest which will ruin the person’s credit and peace of mind.
     I know you have a business to run and that is not personal, but, let us be reasonable and try to be a bit more understanding and help people for both the short and long run. Don’t pretend to help someone now but only to hurt them drastically later on.

Keep trying!!


Don’t be afraid to take a risk every now and then. Believe me, some risks may take your life for the very best. You will never know how or what it is unless you give it a try and your very best. Try your best always and the rewards can be extremely exciting.
What most of us are afraid of is failing, nobody likes to fail, but remember that those who are successful had failed first. It is not about failing but about how you handle your failures, what you make of them will determine your success. Learn from them , keep your head up high and keep trying. You will definitely be successful but you gotta keep trying.