I’m super anxious!!!

Having so much fun and learning so, so much!

In about a month, almost, my brain is truly full and I have met so many great people and done things I would have never expected to do. All in all, this is the best decision I have made so far and while I still have three more weeks to go, I am closer to this dear dream of mine. This is a truly great experience and I cannot wait to start with this great career and living my life to its fullest.

So, I have not been posted much because it is intense here and I must have my head, my body and mind in this game to make it, so not so much time free. I swear this feels like freshman year in a University.

On a better and more fascinating note, although intense, we still get to enjoy some great classes and have fun, wine tasting was great. Therefore, today was a great day after all.

Be blessed and stay tuned!!! I have a lot to share once this is over.