#DYU Chronicles

What If we were just to live in the moment?
What if we were just to accept that we cannot control everything?

Well, then, the world would have probably ended sooner as we would know what is called a more peaceful place. Perhaps, we would even go as hard as to appreciate our lives and be thankful for what we have instead of desperately  chasing after what we do not have. maybe, we would even go as far as being happy for those who have what we do not have, we, maybe, could have learned to encourage and respect others instead of constantly envying and killing each other.

Hm, this is nothing but a dream and wishful thinking. I have learned to realize that we have got nothing on time. What should be will be, but only in its own (best) time. We very seldom know why things happen the way they do and at the time they happen, but time has its way of proving itself. So, feel like everything is turning upside down around you and you cannot get anything right, well, it is not yet the time and make a list of all the things that are going alright, then, you’ll see all the goods that surround you. Let us stop comparing ourselves to our neighbors, you will only know how to be you.

What if we would just stop wasting our time?


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