Is social media ruining your relationship?

I bet a good number of you reading this will answer yes to this question. However, the real answer to this question depends on different other personal questions. The questions you should ask yourself are: “how are you using social media?” Are you allowing social media into your relationship?” And what are you doing that is destroying your relationship?”

Sadly, many of us, sometimes, ignore our real problems. Some of us, unleash these problems on social media and lastly, some of us just find our problems on social media. While the apparent connection between all three aspects can be social media, we must also determine how are these people using social media and why?

Personally, I use social media (Facebook) to catch up with old friends. It is my way of reconnecting and sometimes I use it as an advertising tool for my businesses. Now, I can proudly say that social media is nowhere around my relationship or my personal/private life. Therefore, in the case my relationship is destroyed, I’ll only have myself and my partner to blame for the ruin.

Unfortunately, not all of us can truthfully claim that. As it is clear that many use social media to meet people outside of their relationship, to expose or broadcast their relationship from the happiest moments to the most miserably, heart-wrenching moments. Some of us use it ‘supposedly’ solve our problems by posting your situations asking for people’s opinions or use it in lieu of a personal sitting, face to face discussion. In other words, some of us use social media to avoid facing and fixing our problems. This is the most dangerous way of letting social media into your relationship as it is not only immature, it takes away or ignore the real problems, leaving no rooms for fixing since we cannot determine the cause in the first place.

We all know we should, under no circumstances, not to let people and social media into our relationship, ever.  So, until you can decide in which of these three categories of people you belong and come up with a resolution, your relationship will know many headaches, but let me reassure you that it is not social media’s causing. It is time we look within and start taking responsibilty for our actions. Just as social media can help us, if we misuse it, we can destroy our whole being. So, the deal is to use it moderately, use it smart and keep our private life just that, private.  Try it and let me know how it works out for you! 


Maybe you gave her the reasons to…

Since there are countless numbers of articles about giving him the reasons to, we’ll make this about her.

Some of you guys are probably always wondering about why women do some of the things they do, like constantly doubting you, always arguing, always asking questions, etc… Now, just stop and reflect on yourselves for one minute and see what you could be doing in these situations.

Now, if you follow my blog or the couple of articles I have written, you will realize that I am always advising and encouraging women to avoid sticky and toxic relationships as much as possible. I do not necessarily believe in arguing and doubts in a healthy relationship. Trust is one of the most important and necessary factors for a healthy or a serious relationship. If she does not trust you, you don’t have a relationship yet.

To get back to why is she always doubting you, it is probably because you always give her reasons to. What I mean is, if you give her reason to doubt your words just once, she will not only doubt everything about you but also every day. It really is not that complicated, just avoid creating doubts by not always suspiciously be on the phone and quickly hides or close something when she shows up. That’s suspicious and she will most definitely ask you questions, believe you can avoid this argument, don’t lie. Tell her the truth and be willing to show her if she needs it. At the end of the day, you did decide on having a serious, healthy relationship with her, so why not keep everything healthy.

Gentlemen, when you lie to her, if she doesn’t already know the truth, she will find out soon enough. So, don’t risk having her arguing and doubting. Some guys will lie about the smallest and stupidest thing ever. Then, you wonder and even complain that she is the problem.

But this problem could simply be you, but your self-claimed manhood and conceit does not let you see it. Next time, think maybe I am giving her the reasons to. What if I try a different method, maybe she could respond differently.

P.S. Women don’t like to talk and argue, if you don’t answer and when asked a question, go around it and start blaming them or shaming them, then you have open their talking jaws. It is not like they love arguing with you and be mad. Again, what are you doing that is causing all the talking and arguing.  Also, keep in mind that there is a huge difference between asking a question, talking and arguing. Confusing these three could be one of the problems.

Black History Month

So, February is Black History Month. No wonder it’s the shortest month of the year. This should be a celebration for everyone regardless of race and skin color. We should take the tome to look back into the great things people did to get us where we are now and hopefully some of us can follow on some of their footsteps or even lead in an even more positive way.

As important as knowing where you come from is, you also need to find different ways to contribute in the present to make this world a better and more peaceful place to live.

“Let us not just recognize and appreciate the movement but be part of it, as long as it is a great and positive movement!”

Happy Black History Month People!

International Youth Day!!!


Happy International Youth Day Everyone!!!!  (August 12, 2000-August 12, 2013)

Remember, our youth is our future, So, please allow them and encourage them to shine their brightest and follow the right path. If they do, then, we’ll certainly have nothing to worry about.  Just like Kofi Annan said, “Let the Young Lead.”




So, now school officials can hold student’s diploma for absolutely no reason. No wonder our students are they way they are. Disciplinary actions do not include stupid and overly ridiculous actions, I mean, seriously.

I read this article where school officials have refused to give some students their diplomas for truly no reason. My understanding is that they have turned away from the bigger, real problems so they can create unnecessary rules that will benefit really no one but themselves. Demanding that someone pay a fine just for bowing and blowing kisses at his or graduation is extra ridiculous, it makes absolutely no sense at all. You seriously need to get it together and worry about the actual problems.

I did most of my schooling outside of the country and when I came here in the 11th grade, I was surprised. It is nothing like what I was used to. Teachers actually teach where I come from and students have more respect and they learn way more. Sometimes, they learn unnecessary stuff instead of not learning. And now, you want to tell me with the education level in this country being as it is, that you will try to focus on the unnecessary stuff. I mean come on, do something that will actually help these kids into the real world.

Here’s a link to the article:–192900808.html


So, it’s only the very first day of summer classes and I feel out of it already. I was praying for this day to come and now I can’t take it already. Four online classes and it never hit me until I saw that I have to post at least two discussion answers every week for each class. Plus, the teachers post the PowerPoint presentations which I thought were legitimate, but there is nothing but a bunch of questions on them. I definitely have to buy these books.

God help us!

Miami Drivers…..

I just would like to know what is wrong with Miami Drivers. I say Miami Drivers because that’s who I deal with every single day. They are just the worst. They are always in such a hurry, they do not know how to put their signals when switching lanes and turning and they don’t know how to drive in just one lane.

No wonder there are so many accidents and it is so funny how they are so quick to blame it on the young, new drivers when, in reality, most of those I see doing these things are people who have been driving all their life and are not so young. I don’t want to judge anyone but they make me afraid to drive.

If you have an appointment, work or school at a certain time, please leave home at an appropriate time depending on the distance between where you live with the place you’re going to. There is absolutely no need to be rushing through the streets or the Expressway as a crazy human being. Take your time and you will eventually get there. And if you realize that you are already late, then, just accept that you are, driving like crazy will certainly not help you make that up. If anything, what you may get is a trip to the hospital or the morgue. So, wouldn’t you rather be a little late or leave on time than getting into an accident?

Also, when you have to switch lanes or turning, there are the left and right signals. They are made for a very specific purpose. To let the driver behind or next to you know that you would like to turn or switch lanes. When you just switch right in front of me with absolutely no signal, I go crazy. So, please stop. Let people know that you need to switch and they’ll let you go, but don’t just cut in front of them like jungle animals.

I was driving this afternoon and this car in front of me kept going right and left. It’s almost as if he or she was not sure where he or she wanted to go. The car was on two lanes literally and I had to slow down which makes no sense at all. When you went to get your license, you made sure to do everything right, so why not use all of these rules that you’ve learned on the road, that way you can protect yourself, your car and everybody else.

Honking and talking on the phone are also two big problems Miami drivers face. You cannot concentrate on driving when you are gossiping with you homies on the phone. Whatever it is can certainly wait, so ease up on the phone calls or texts. You’ll get a chance to do that later. Then, honking, I personally love honking but I also understand that it is annoying and disorienting. If there is no need to honk, then don’t do it. Also, don’t honk me when the line turns yellow, rushing me to turn just because you did not know when to leave your house. I will not jeopardize my life or my passenger’s or anybody else’s life just because. Take it easy and your time will come. Once again, if there is no serious need to honk the car next to you or in front of you, just don’t do it. It is annoying and it takes people by surprise which can cause unnecessary accidents sometimes.

There you have it, so be careful on the road and look out for yourself and everyone else.!