DYU Chronicles

       “And no, it has never been about being right, but always have been about being true. “.      



    It does not matter what it is, but       the truth is always and will remain the     right thing. So, forget who is right and     who may be wrong. Speak the truth and   watch what happens. A few tears may       be shed, a friendship or relationship         may slip (or even fail) but it is going to     be okay. They always say “the truth will   set you free,” well they were not lying       about that.

Hurt me, break me with the truth, I’ll handle it!


Maybe you gave her the reasons to…

Since there are countless numbers of articles about giving him the reasons to, we’ll make this about her.

Some of you guys are probably always wondering about why women do some of the things they do, like constantly doubting you, always arguing, always asking questions, etc… Now, just stop and reflect on yourselves for one minute and see what you could be doing in these situations.

Now, if you follow my blog or the couple of articles I have written, you will realize that I am always advising and encouraging women to avoid sticky and toxic relationships as much as possible. I do not necessarily believe in arguing and doubts in a healthy relationship. Trust is one of the most important and necessary factors for a healthy or a serious relationship. If she does not trust you, you don’t have a relationship yet.

To get back to why is she always doubting you, it is probably because you always give her reasons to. What I mean is, if you give her reason to doubt your words just once, she will not only doubt everything about you but also every day. It really is not that complicated, just avoid creating doubts by not always suspiciously be on the phone and quickly hides or close something when she shows up. That’s suspicious and she will most definitely ask you questions, believe you can avoid this argument, don’t lie. Tell her the truth and be willing to show her if she needs it. At the end of the day, you did decide on having a serious, healthy relationship with her, so why not keep everything healthy.

Gentlemen, when you lie to her, if she doesn’t already know the truth, she will find out soon enough. So, don’t risk having her arguing and doubting. Some guys will lie about the smallest and stupidest thing ever. Then, you wonder and even complain that she is the problem.

But this problem could simply be you, but your self-claimed manhood and conceit does not let you see it. Next time, think maybe I am giving her the reasons to. What if I try a different method, maybe she could respond differently.

P.S. Women don’t like to talk and argue, if you don’t answer and when asked a question, go around it and start blaming them or shaming them, then you have open their talking jaws. It is not like they love arguing with you and be mad. Again, what are you doing that is causing all the talking and arguing.  Also, keep in mind that there is a huge difference between asking a question, talking and arguing. Confusing these three could be one of the problems.

VMAs or Mini-Concert???

First off let me say that I am not denying her talents or good look or whatever she is said to have going on, but, just being realistic here.
She literally performed for a good 15-30 minutes off the show and everyone is talking about how she killed it and everyone else should learn from her. Well, don’t crack me up. It’s an award show and while performances here and there are great, a mini-concert is not so great and as far as performance, while I don’t necessarily like some people’s work, but, I’ll say there were dome great other performances (i.e. Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, just to name a few). Beyonce had more time for her shenanigans or scream for attention (as I call it-just my opinion here).
Yes, she is talented and there is no denying that, but that was just too much. Then, what really irks me is how people are claiming she inspires them or she’s their role model. Well, I’m sorry but allow me to : “She inspires you to what exactly?” “Role model?” Sure, she is supposedly married and did not have a child until after her marriage and had a career I guess, but what does she inspire? To walk around naked and claim to be a diva or all extra, deserving of bow downs from others. Not to hate or anything, but seriously, this lady is all about herself and how naked she should be the next day, she is not doing anything to inspire anyone, especially our young girls. We need better examples and role models and once we start looking at people like her as our inspiration and role models, we are in deep trouble. So, let us re-focus and revisit our priorities and standards there. Yes, she is lovely to watch and listen to, she is a great looking woman, she looks confident, not necessarily acts like it and yes she is a great performer.

November is IN!!!

The Countdown has officially begun! You’re either a November baby or you’re just a loser (joking).

This has to be the best month of the year besides, well, November (laugh). I am really enjoying it and I want to send a special shout out to all my November babies (Scorpio and Sagittarius). Everybody knows Scorpio is the best sign, but we won’t get too much into that right now.

Anyway, I want to say hello to November and wish Happy Birthday to all my November babies, wherever you are. Let us enjoy and have the time of our lives once again and remember to thank God for another year!



Is Money Indispensable?

So, I am back …… and I just thought of something my pastor said the other day and it was so interesting and I thought it was worthy of sharing.

So, do you think that you need money in order to live a good life?

No, I don’t think so and quite frankly, I know so that money is not so vital to a good, decent and joyful life. While many of the great pleasures may be expensive, but you can live with what you have and be a happy person. My pastor said that, he did not want to spend too much but he wanted to spend some time with his family and he wanted to go out. So, he took them out and for less than $25, they had a great time. So, is money really that big of a deal? Not really, you don’t need all that money to really enjoy life. There are simpler and sometimes, better way to live fully and happily.

I learned at a very young age that money was not everything and I think God for that because I love living and enjoying it to the fullest. I learned to do so in very simple ways and I cherish what may be the littlest thing to some. Truth is, there is loving life and loving money which are very different. You can definitely have a great time with little money. It’s good to learn to live with what you have and make the best of it because I truly believe that when you have too much money than needed, it creates more problems ( I may be saying that because I may seriously broke, but hey).

Seriously guys, you can live large with what you have and those dear and close to you. Money is only a bonus and if only many of us would understand that, I bet life would be so much better.


      So, I watched “Peeples” last night and I am not sure how I feel about it. while I think it was very funny and also a good movie but it irked my nerves a little.  It’s really no one’s fault but I realize that these things really do happen in real life and I just pictured myself in this poor guy’s shoes and I didn’t like it.

      If you have yet to see this movie, don’t worry, I will try my best not to spoil it for you. Now, I loved the humor and I laughed as hard as I could whenever necessary but why so many stupid secrets though? It almost made no sense to me. I really had a different understanding of friendship and family and one thing I liked, though, is that these issues exist in real families and relationships. This movie shows that while you may have fortune, fame or whatever, communication is very important in both romantic relationship and family.

      Parents, you need to learn how to love and talk to your children, don’t focus so much on your status and having your kids praising you so much that they are scared to talk to you about important stuff. You have got to be cool and open because as your children are growing they will be making different decisions and you don’t want to be left out of those just because they are afraid to talk to you. While you have to be a parent and I understand that it is very different from being a friend, you should leave room for a little comfort because it will surely help your relationship.If your children cannot talk to you, that may be a problem.

      Everybody knows that I hate lies already, so it’s fair to say I cannot stand secrets. You cannot have secrets in a relationship although  he should have noticed those two round secrets there, but let’s not go there. You should not have that many secrets in a serious relationship period. If you really see a future with a person, why would you keep that person a secret from your family for so long? That makes no sense to me, while there might have been reasons to make it difficult to tell them, you are grown, you should have been ready to have that talk with your folks, it is just that. It was to a point where I thought the man should have left because while I understand that she was afraid of her father, but she could have at least stand up for him a couple of times. Those things just did not click with me and it is sad for me to think that it really happens.

     Anyway, all these different things show how important communication is. It is not always about being a dictator, overly protective or having to live to different societal standards, you must have and maintain a great relationship with your family because that is very important. Also, learn to have less secrets because I know, there will be some secrets sometimes, but try not to have so many secrets especially about these things that are so important. The lying really has to stop because I am pretty sure everybody hates to be lied to, so try not to do it and learn to communicate in any type of relationships.

  • I really hope I did not spoil it too much for those who have not seen it and if I did, well, I apologize.

That’s that foolishness!

So I was watching this video clip which a friend shared on Facebook and it was from the Divorce Court show. The wife wanted to divorce the husband because he was too nice, he cooks and takes great care of her and he tells her he loves her every now and then.

Now, before I say anything else, allow me to note that she had three kids that are not the husband’s and only one with the guy. She had a career which the husband was never aware of, got up and left and never told him where she went and dared made fun of him because he has problems in his eyes. If this is not stupidity, then again, I am not sure what stupidity is. One shall never be that foolish!

You found a guy, I repeat, a guy who cares about you enough to want to be with you, marry you regardless of how many kids you have and you turn around, this is what you do. I love how most of us women always complain about how we cannot find a good man who can respect, honor, love and cherish us like we should. But is this man not the perfect example of why you cannot find them?

I always tell my friends, if you want a man, you have to know how to be a lady or a woman. If you find a man who is patient with you, you need to get it together and quick. This selfish girl found a good man and she is so used to the jerks and guys treating her like garbage that she cannot see when she has a good thing. She is so selfish and ugly. I mean, she can look as good as she can, but beauty truly comes from within. You have to love yourself, respect yourself and others, treat others like they deserved to be treated to be beautiful.

This is also a perfect example of people rushing into things just to make others see what they have. Well, she had everything and now, nothing. She is just not ready to be married, or in a relationship at all. She needs to take a break, work on herself and I tell you she need a lot of work before she can start dating again. Wait, dating should be pretty hard for a woman with three kids and God knows how many baby daddies. As I was watching this clip, I wanted to get in there and shake the foolishness out of her because when you have found something so good, that so many others crave for, you need to get it together.

She had absolutely no respect for the guy , yet he had done everything right. What the hell is wrong with some people? You do not treat people any way you feel like. Respect is very important and like I always say, you get what you give.

This might help understand why so many guys are afraid of commitment, marriage, relationship and just women. Some of you really don’t deserve it and some of you just do not know hat you want. I hope this guy does not let that ugly, selfish, foolish and stupid girl change his whole persona and attitude towards women because some of us know how to appreciate and cherish a good man.  Respect others and treat people right, one can only take so much. Everyone has a breaking point and when it’s over, it is over. Think before you say or do anything and stop being so stupid!