So, I watched “Peeples” last night and I am not sure how I feel about it. while I think it was very funny and also a good movie but it irked my nerves a little.  It’s really no one’s fault but I realize that these things really do happen in real life and I just pictured myself in this poor guy’s shoes and I didn’t like it.

      If you have yet to see this movie, don’t worry, I will try my best not to spoil it for you. Now, I loved the humor and I laughed as hard as I could whenever necessary but why so many stupid secrets though? It almost made no sense to me. I really had a different understanding of friendship and family and one thing I liked, though, is that these issues exist in real families and relationships. This movie shows that while you may have fortune, fame or whatever, communication is very important in both romantic relationship and family.

      Parents, you need to learn how to love and talk to your children, don’t focus so much on your status and having your kids praising you so much that they are scared to talk to you about important stuff. You have got to be cool and open because as your children are growing they will be making different decisions and you don’t want to be left out of those just because they are afraid to talk to you. While you have to be a parent and I understand that it is very different from being a friend, you should leave room for a little comfort because it will surely help your relationship.If your children cannot talk to you, that may be a problem.

      Everybody knows that I hate lies already, so it’s fair to say I cannot stand secrets. You cannot have secrets in a relationship although  he should have noticed those two round secrets there, but let’s not go there. You should not have that many secrets in a serious relationship period. If you really see a future with a person, why would you keep that person a secret from your family for so long? That makes no sense to me, while there might have been reasons to make it difficult to tell them, you are grown, you should have been ready to have that talk with your folks, it is just that. It was to a point where I thought the man should have left because while I understand that she was afraid of her father, but she could have at least stand up for him a couple of times. Those things just did not click with me and it is sad for me to think that it really happens.

     Anyway, all these different things show how important communication is. It is not always about being a dictator, overly protective or having to live to different societal standards, you must have and maintain a great relationship with your family because that is very important. Also, learn to have less secrets because I know, there will be some secrets sometimes, but try not to have so many secrets especially about these things that are so important. The lying really has to stop because I am pretty sure everybody hates to be lied to, so try not to do it and learn to communicate in any type of relationships.

  • I really hope I did not spoil it too much for those who have not seen it and if I did, well, I apologize.

Should you live through your children (literally)?

Many times we see parents trying to force on their own dreams to their kids. But is that the right way to go?

Let’s look at it this way, if your own parents, in the past, have not tried to push you into their own direction, maybe you would not have missed the opportunity to live your own life as you wish.  Life is made of choices and at some point, you have to trust your kid to make the best decision into marking their own paths.

You must understand, people learn through mistakes. Sadly but true, mistakes are a part of life and a great one at that. You have to stop living through our kids and just let them live their own lives because I know you want to see them happy. However, that situation makes it hard for most kids to really grow.

For instance, most parents who wish they were doctors or lawyers or whatever literally force it upon their kids that they go to law school, medical school. People have the right to do what they love, hence, the right to live a happy life. I know it is hard for parents to see their kids growing and becoming independent, but instead of trying to turn them away from their dreams, why not just trust that you have taught them everything in your power, so that they know which route to take in life. And just watch them making their own choices. Not to say that you shouldn’t give advice o suggestions if you feel they are following he wrong path, but don’t push them into what you want. Be mindful of what they want and dream of that way everyone can be happy.

Give them a little room to make their own mistakes and experiences that way the same story is not repeated over and over again. A little change here and there is always great!