Should you live through your children (literally)?

Many times we see parents trying to force on their own dreams to their kids. But is that the right way to go?

Let’s look at it this way, if your own parents, in the past, have not tried to push you into their own direction, maybe you would not have missed the opportunity to live your own life as you wish.  Life is made of choices and at some point, you have to trust your kid to make the best decision into marking their own paths.

You must understand, people learn through mistakes. Sadly but true, mistakes are a part of life and a great one at that. You have to stop living through our kids and just let them live their own lives because I know you want to see them happy. However, that situation makes it hard for most kids to really grow.

For instance, most parents who wish they were doctors or lawyers or whatever literally force it upon their kids that they go to law school, medical school. People have the right to do what they love, hence, the right to live a happy life. I know it is hard for parents to see their kids growing and becoming independent, but instead of trying to turn them away from their dreams, why not just trust that you have taught them everything in your power, so that they know which route to take in life. And just watch them making their own choices. Not to say that you shouldn’t give advice o suggestions if you feel they are following he wrong path, but don’t push them into what you want. Be mindful of what they want and dream of that way everyone can be happy.

Give them a little room to make their own mistakes and experiences that way the same story is not repeated over and over again. A little change here and there is always great!