Healthier Living

imagesSo, I’m thinking about starting to live healthier now as it relates to food and my diet. I want to start eating healthier. I don’t eat much junk food but I tend to go very long with no food which is not very healthy. Also, I am starting to choose a healthier diet. In one of my classes, the teacher asked, what do I think about America’s overweight issue? Well, I have not noticed it much until then. So many are careless about what they eat and sometimes they just don’t know or cannot afford to care. Sometimes, I have people coming to me and complaining about their weight and all I can really say is if you are not happy with how you look or feel, only you can change it. Also, if you feel comfortable in your own skin, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and just live your life. Still, try to live healthy so you can fully enjoy life.


Guy-Girl Friend

Hey there folks,

I have not been on here for a good while now. I have abandoned my blog because I have been tired and kind of busy. You know with school just ended and lack of sleep lately. I have just had to take a break and be a little lazy. But, I am back and ready to go for good this time. So here we go.

I have had a few experiences in the last couple of weeks and had conversations with a few people and many seem to be confused about a girl having a guy friend-that is just friend.  I, personally, have lots of male friends. Some are single, married, engaged or just in a relationship. I don’t care because they are just my friends. What most people do not understand is that we are in 2013, therefore not ever relationship has to be romantic and not everything is about sex or what not. I don’t look at my friends any other way than just my friends and I hope they don’t either. A girl can definitely befriend a guy with no intention of being anything other than regular friend, not friend with benefits, just friend like she can be with another girl.

Some people always say that most guy think about nothing other than sex but I always said that was untrue because I know guys who are respectful, mature and human enough. It is not always about romantic relationship. I have good male friends and I have had no problems with them. It’s not really about gender, it is more about who can you talk to and be yourself around, who can understand you and who genuinely cares about you. That person may be anyone from a girl to a guy. It’s a matter of respect. If a person is educated enough, he or she will know that there is no need for romance or sex between these two people. They can just be friends who genuinely care about each other.

It is quite sad to see some people cannot open their minds to see reality as it is, not as they want it to be. One must be so closed-minded to not be able to recognize that, indeed, a guy can be a good friend to a girl. I have so many guy friends and as most people would agree, once a guy is my friend, I never look at him in any romantic way and that is the same for a lot of people out there.

I just wanted to say that it is perfectly innocent for a girl to befriend a guy with no romantic intentions. This is the 21st century and we have to open our eyes as well as our minds to see the reality of things. Don’t be so closed-minded.


When is it okay and who should get a divorce?

It is never an easy feeling or procedure which is why I always tell people, don’t ever rush into anything. While it is fun and beautiful to get married, being married comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is very different from when you are just dating someone. It is actually a very serious business. If you are not ready, just stay away from it.

So when does it make sense to get a divorce?

Many Christians believe that divorce is a sin. I agree that you have officially agreed to “till death do us part”, but you don’t want to cause your death. God is a great God, he helps, forgives, and loves. So, while you believe that divorce is a sin, also believe that love and forgiveness are also very real. Always learn to love yourself because until you do, you won’t know what love really is. You won’t be able to love others or know when someone truly loves you.  Now, back to when a divorce makes sense, it makes sense when it is one of these two options: divorce or murder. So many stories have ended this way, where the person so desperately wanted to stay in the marriage hoping that everything will change because they know divorce is a sin and how will society see them, instead of leaving when they can no longer stay, they kill. Now, when they said “till death do us part”, I am most positive it is not that kind of death they were talking about. So, when your only options are divorce or murder, make the one which does not ruin your life. Your significant other is constantly cheating, mistreating you, physically, emotionally, verbally abusing you, don’t force it, don’t kill, just let it go. Do what is best for you. Believe living the rest of your life with the burden of killing someone is so not worth it, jail is necessary. Do what is best. Love yourself and think about yourself, your family and friends. Never stop loving yourself, if someone is abusing you or you just don’t feel safe in a marriage, it is okay to let go and get a divorce if nothing else works. Don’t sit around, hoping things will change when you are just really putting yourself at greater risks. Just care about yourself a little and remember God sees everything and he forgives. If it is not working, it is just not working and remember you deserve a lot better and the right to be happy. So please, love and care for yourself because that person clearly does not love or care for you as much as you thought.  Go ahead and live the life God created for you, don’t sentence yourself to death just because.  Enjoy life and don’t ever allow anyone to take that away from you! You deserve the best, always, so have it!