‘War on Ebola’

So, this guy thought it was cool to just stop in the middle of boarding to pull out his “War on Ebola” magazine and put it in my face or something. I get it, it’s a serious disease but come on people, let us be real here. Ebola is not a new disease, it is not the end of the world. Face it, we have to be cautious at all times, always, not just when a disease pops up.
There is no need to be extra and it should be an excuse to treat people like crap. We get it, you wanna be safe, but spare us, well, spare me the ‘extraness’, the drama. Stop picking when and where to use sanitary precautions. Always be aware, alert and cautious.


November is IN!!!

The Countdown has officially begun! You’re either a November baby or you’re just a loser (joking).

This has to be the best month of the year besides, well, November (laugh). I am really enjoying it and I want to send a special shout out to all my November babies (Scorpio and Sagittarius). Everybody knows Scorpio is the best sign, but we won’t get too much into that right now.

Anyway, I want to say hello to November and wish Happy Birthday to all my November babies, wherever you are. Let us enjoy and have the time of our lives once again and remember to thank God for another year!



International Youth Day!!!


Happy International Youth Day Everyone!!!!  (August 12, 2000-August 12, 2013)

Remember, our youth is our future, So, please allow them and encourage them to shine their brightest and follow the right path. If they do, then, we’ll certainly have nothing to worry about.  Just like Kofi Annan said, “Let the Young Lead.”



Is Money Indispensable?

So, I am back …… and I just thought of something my pastor said the other day and it was so interesting and I thought it was worthy of sharing.

So, do you think that you need money in order to live a good life?

No, I don’t think so and quite frankly, I know so that money is not so vital to a good, decent and joyful life. While many of the great pleasures may be expensive, but you can live with what you have and be a happy person. My pastor said that, he did not want to spend too much but he wanted to spend some time with his family and he wanted to go out. So, he took them out and for less than $25, they had a great time. So, is money really that big of a deal? Not really, you don’t need all that money to really enjoy life. There are simpler and sometimes, better way to live fully and happily.

I learned at a very young age that money was not everything and I think God for that because I love living and enjoying it to the fullest. I learned to do so in very simple ways and I cherish what may be the littlest thing to some. Truth is, there is loving life and loving money which are very different. You can definitely have a great time with little money. It’s good to learn to live with what you have and make the best of it because I truly believe that when you have too much money than needed, it creates more problems ( I may be saying that because I may seriously broke, but hey).

Seriously guys, you can live large with what you have and those dear and close to you. Money is only a bonus and if only many of us would understand that, I bet life would be so much better.


Hello there folks, today I want to talk about negativity. That may include everything from objects to people. But, I’ll be touching on negative people today.

I hate negativity and I am one of those people with too many ambitions and the worst thing is that I actually believe that i will accomplish all of them in due time. Anyway, today I want to touch on negativity, sometimes, you may feel like maybe you are not getting to the place where you should be and that is because of negativity, it maybe that you keep looking and going to the negative places or maybe the people you surround yourself with bring in that negativity unto you.

So, what should you do in that case? You should clear it, get rid of whatever it may be and you’ll see the difference. Sometimes, the people you consider your friends are not so much, if all you guys do is arguing and you always find yourself always in some sort of competition, then, get rid of it. I don’t mean you should just take that person out of your life, but distance yourself from anything that is not allowing to fully grow because you can certainly go on to do great things in life. I know people like that, all they do is judge and they always have to be right and try to belittling you all the time, thinking it makes them look more this or that, believe me, it’s all negativity.

You have friends with the lowest self-esteem  in the world and everything you’ve tried to make that person understand who he or she really is and it is not working. Four words, get rid of it. It is not helping you and it may be rubbing off on you. It is not about being mean or anything, you just can’t spend your whole life catering and babysit people when you have so much to do. That is not fair and certainly unhealthy.  Negative people are the ugliest. Anyone who does nothing but judge and quickly criticizing everything you do or say is never right. Believe me, it is not worth it, just leave it alone and you can be that person’s friend from a certain distance. Negativity should not be around you when you are striving hard to be the best you can. These people are bringing you down and you just need to let them go.


If Only You Knew!!!

I went to church and part of the message was about women who do not know their worth. I thought, I should definitely write about this because so many women out there aren’t fully aware of how worthy they truly are.

So many young women struggle with self-esteem issues and believe me I know how that can make you feel. But, know that you are worth so much more than you will ever really understand. God created you to be so important and you should know that. You are made to be beautiful, so just be that.

One important thing the lady said was that some of us, women do not know how to appreciate and take compliments. A compliment is meant to be just that. Don’t fall in love with someone just because he says “you’re beautiful”. You should have already known that, so that is no surprise to you. You must say thanks because it is a nice gesture and thank him for noticing. Now, some people will say that you are conceited but don’t you have a good reason to be? Don’t fall in love or sleep with guys too quickly. I understand when you are dealing with self-esteem issues, you need attention and when you get the least bit of it, you tend to go crazy. Stop that and you have no reason to be having those self-esteem issues in the first place. God knows how beautiful you are whether you are thin, extra thin, average, big-boned, big or huge. It really doesn’t matter. You need to know that you are made to be beautiful so, always remember that and believe that you are a beautiful and very important creature. Those people who are destroying your self-esteem know it way too well, that’s why they want you to destroy yourself.

Believe in yourself and one thing I hate when some women do is that they go chasing men, married or single. What is wrong with you? If a man is married or in any type of relationship with any other woman, he is unavailable. Get that in your head, he is unavailable. Don’t listen to the beautiful, sweet nothings this man will be telling you , he is not for you and you should know better. Also, that is a sign of disrespect towards both of you as women. If he is in a relationship, he should not have come to you in the first place and you should not allow him under any circumstances. If you like a man and he is not willing to make an effort to show you his interest, don’t chase him. It is not your job.  As women, when we like a guy, he will know it without us even saying anything because we have that gift. So, the thing is if the guy is not responding well to your natural signals, he is either slow or just not interested because if he was, he would pick them up very quickly. Whatever you do, never chase a guy, it is not your place. You can do your part but he has to be willing to do his. Stop the chasing, you are worth so much more!

Don’t go sleeping with guys just because, don’t do it. Unlike most guys, women have the capability to get emotionally attached and as I always say, once I am attached, I know, I am just attached. So try to avoid putting yourself in extra vulnerable situations where you are subject to serious disappointments. Just because a guy compliments you or treat you nice, you do not have to sleep with him. He should compliment and treat you nice. You very much deserve it, it’s not a favor. People will say that I am very conceited, but, in reality, I have all the rights to be. Also, it is not about being conceited, it is more about knowing yourself. I know who I am and I won’t allow anyone to tell me otherwise. Learn to know yourself, love and respect yourself. I always tell my friends, no one will ever love me more than I love myself.

Ladies, you are so beautiful and worthy. It hurts to see so many of you are unaware of that and fall for anything that is out there. Stop putting yourself in situations you have no business in and don’t let people play with your mind into thinking you are only a sex object and you have to do this to be beautiful or acceptable. Those same people are making money off of you because you let them play with your mind. It’s about that time, you stop and take a look at yourself. Think, if it was not for us, women, those people could not have been there in the first place. They don’t know how you got there and don’t let them take you out. Love yourself as much as you can and you’ll understand why God loves you so much. You are worth so much and if only you knew that, you would have people kneeling at your feet and running after you because you are that powerful and beautiful. So, don’t let people tell you otherwise.