Stop complaining, find your place!

Hello there folks,

If there is one thing I hate is people complaining, but nothing is worst than people complaining about their job at work. I mean seriously, you are still there obviously. Stop complaining about things you hate, instead focus on what makes your job worth it. What most of us fail to understand is that unless it is your own company, you will always have things you do not agree with or love. There will always be things that do not necessarily work for you, but guess what? You either deal with it or you get out. You still being there means there are still some goods, so stop complaining and start learning to appreciate a bit. Understand that whatever works for you does not necessarily work for everybody, so, unless you are really being treated poorly, stop it. I am sure you have a choice, if it does not work for you, you can always find what works, but the complaining and trying to bring everyone down must stop. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not loving your job anymore or not agreeing with some policies, but the truth is, you’ll never agree all the way with any company’s policies, there will always be that one thing that gets to you. It is up to you to decide if you can deal with it or not.

Complaining left and right does not help anyone, definitely does not change your situation, so stop complaining and find your place. That place you can deal with, that place you enjoy going to everyday and do not need to complain about. So, just stop complaining and move on!


Meeting the kids!!

I must say that I am very old-fashioned and came come off a bit harsh, but don’t bring anyone to meet your kids just because. Don’t bring people to your home just because in the first place, let alone play with your kids.

I get it, you are dating this guy or this lady and you feel like he or she should meet your kids, but don’t unless you are both sure this is what you want and certainly before you are sure who this person is. Don’t judge me for watching too many movies and reading too many stories, but you don’t know the person well enough after a few weeks. It’s not that serious, take your time. Don’t put your family, your home or your life in danger just because. It’s all fun and game until that time. Not to be negative, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

So, to answer the question,the best time to bring a guy to meet your kids is when you are both sure and ready. You can never trust anyone but you’ll know what someone’s intention may be after a little while (not just a few weeks). At the end of the day though, only you can decide when the best time is, but be mindful of your kids, your home and yourself as you don’t know ho you’re bringing home and there have been horror stories, real life stories, so just be careful!

‘War on Ebola’

So, this guy thought it was cool to just stop in the middle of boarding to pull out his “War on Ebola” magazine and put it in my face or something. I get it, it’s a serious disease but come on people, let us be real here. Ebola is not a new disease, it is not the end of the world. Face it, we have to be cautious at all times, always, not just when a disease pops up.
There is no need to be extra and it should be an excuse to treat people like crap. We get it, you wanna be safe, but spare us, well, spare me the ‘extraness’, the drama. Stop picking when and where to use sanitary precautions. Always be aware, alert and cautious.

Eventful Night’

I never thought much about how scared people are of flying until tonight. I was asked all sorts of questions, left and right about whether or not we will make it. The good news is, indeed, we made it home and safely too. What was supposed to be a 2-hour flight ended up being a 4-hour adventure. After about an hour delayed and some particular passengers, it was just another day at work. Everybody was stressed but I doubt passengers understand how stress and overwhelm the crew can also be. Anyway, what can I say? I love my job and I would not trade it for anything in this world.

I’m super anxious!!!

Having so much fun and learning so, so much!

In about a month, almost, my brain is truly full and I have met so many great people and done things I would have never expected to do. All in all, this is the best decision I have made so far and while I still have three more weeks to go, I am closer to this dear dream of mine. This is a truly great experience and I cannot wait to start with this great career and living my life to its fullest.

So, I have not been posted much because it is intense here and I must have my head, my body and mind in this game to make it, so not so much time free. I swear this feels like freshman year in a University.

On a better and more fascinating note, although intense, we still get to enjoy some great classes and have fun, wine tasting was great. Therefore, today was a great day after all.

Be blessed and stay tuned!!! I have a lot to share once this is over.

Beautiful Day!!

Although intense and quite unusual, I am having the best experience I can possibly have for now. I love meeting new, strong-minded, responsible and passionate people. Best experience yet and with God, I am promised many more, so I am super, overly excited for the future. Finally doing what I want to do, following my dreams and be brave. Great day and as days go by, I’ll share my beautiful experiences. Just remember, we don’t have enough time to waste, so we should start living now!